NEVER work like Eddie McGuire

Eddie McGuire is one of the most recognisable and successful people in Australia. His is the story of a kid from a working class suburb who made the most of his opportunities through talent, tenacity and sheer hard work. Try to replicate the workload of “Eddie Everywhere” and most of us will fail. You see it’s the gruelling work schedule that sets Eddie apart from all but a small minority. 

McGuire’s current roles include being the host of Millionaire Hot Seat, weekdays on radio as a member of Triple M’s Hot Breakfast, President of both the Collingwood Football Club and Melbourne Stars T20 cricket team, Chairman of McGuire Media, a football commentator, a father and husband.

In a recent interview with Andrew Bucklaw (Inside Eddie McGuire’s hectic work schedule) Eddie shared he wakes at 4.30am each day and depending upon commitments can finish as late as 12am. That’s not much sleep!!! He then admitted: “I’ve hit the wall a few times ... You can be bulletproof for a long time until you’re not, and when you’re not you can get yourself into trouble.”

I’m guessing Eddie’s working around 100 hours a week. Sure, anyone can work long hours from time to time, but it’s the grind very few can keep up with over an extended period. Long hours can also be counterproductive as research finds productivity drops sharply after a 50 hour week.

Workaholics or people with a capacity for work like Eddie are almost superhuman. We might want to be like them but we’re unable to because we’re just wired differently. It’s like struggling to keep up with the kid at school who seemed superhuman because he or she was smarter, faster, stronger and bigger (or did that just happen to me?). Playing the comparison game can be dangerous.

Eleven years ago I discovered the toll of a heavy workload (Burning out was the best thing to happen to me – but it won't be for everyone). From that experience, my advice is have a scalable and sustainable rhythm that leverages your strengths and minimises your weaknesses. Aspire to Eddie’s attributes if you can, but not at the expense of your health because that will stop you from being the best version of you.