Taking Advantage Of The Hustle And Bustle

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” - Henry David Thoreau

What if it made sense to take advantage of a frenetic environment? Could you do it? Would you do? Sometimes the reasons are so compelling we have to do it.

Years ago, some friends of my wife (Sam) shared with her how they did their weekly shopping for fruit, vegetables and meat at the Dandenong Market. Their reasoning was simple; the quality of food was better, lasted longer and was cheaper than that of the supermarket chains. We decided to give it a go and were amazed with the difference there was. Going to the market became part of our weekly ritual. Time permitting with our hectic schedule, we still shop there most weeks.

One of the things we’ve noticed with the market is it’s now much busier than it used to be. Finding a parking spot on some days can be difficult and it can take longer to purchase what we want with the bigger crowds. Sam unfortunately had some unpleasant experiences with aggressive drivers in the car park once too many times that she’s decided it’s just not for her anymore. However, the original reasons (quality and cost) for shopping there still exist.

I’ve never experienced the aggressive behaviour Sam did, so it doesn’t bother me to continue shopping there. In a funny way, I’ve grown to sort of enjoy it. I treat getting a parking spot as a game. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t. Regardless, it’s just a game.

What I really like is the hard-working people at the various stalls who make the experience worthwhile. Whether it’s the Filipino lady at the fruit stall who asks me about my family and has a sense of calmness about her while she packs my bags faster than I can or the man who sells eggs who’s super quick while seeming like the happiest and most polite person I’ve met in my life.

It’s not only the goods they provide me; I also learn from how they show up every day to work by embracing the busyness of it and enjoyment at the same time. Maybe there’s something we can learn from this?

Whilst I’m not an advocate of overwork, I’m results orientated. Therefore, I’m an advocate of driving targeted outcomes at work. Instead of complaining about the volume of work, what if we went about our work like the workers at the market stalls? If we looked through the lens of the benefits from being able to complete our work efficiently, then maybe we’d find work easier and more enjoyable.

How could you take advantage of the hustle and bustle of your busy work environment? I’d love to hear your thoughts.