Embracing Busyness: It's a Matter of Mindset

“Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities” – Source Unknown

There’s a good chance you’re busy. So busy there’s too much to do in too little time. Whether you’re motivated or overwhelmed by busy depends on mindset.

There’s an argument that says being busy at work is a good thing. Think about the alternative of not having much to do - an extended period could mean no job at all!!! Just the right amount of work is the preference but that’s not always possible. For example, consultants working on projects often experience the famine or feast extremes ie. too little or too much work. Ask any consultant and they’ll quickly tell you how they prefer the feast because it’s the very core of their livelihood.

For many, the challenge is to embrace busyness. While we want our work environments to be as pleasant as can be, it’s not a day relaxing at the beach. It’s called work for a reason. Therefore, we need to make work our friend instead of a foe. For super busy people that might be hard to comprehend, but it’s an important mindset to have for long term success.

Part of the problem is how we interpret busy. We default into thinking volume is hard. Maybe it is, but what if we removed the focus from the volume and speed of work and instead looked at it through a lens of achievement? It’s like wanting to get fit. If we fall into the trap of the negative thoughts of how hard it is then it’s unlikely we’ll enjoy it or even continue with it at all. Alternatively, if we focused on the improvements we’re making then we can use it as motivation to keep pushing through to get fitter.

To remove the focus of busyness at work, start by changing the conversation by asking yourself each day:

  • What meaningful work do I need to do today?

  • When have I scheduled to do it?

  • How good did it feel to go home knowing I’d made progress on my KPI’s?

There’s a big difference between being reactive and overwhelmed by busy versus being proactive and feeling in control. For further information on how to be in control each day read Perfect Workdays Rarely Happen by Accident.

How does busyness affect you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.