The most powerful way to breakthrough productivity

“Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power” — Eric Thomas

Nike’s Just Do It slogan coined in 1988 is the company’s most successful campaign. So successful it helped catapult Nike to the next level as market share soared from 18% to 43% between 1988 – 1998.  What critical aspects of our lives should we apply a Just Do It mindset to?

Productivity’s a case where knowledge is powerful, but the knowledge is absolutely useless when it’s not applied. It’s almost like knowing the answers to an exam but not responding to the questions during the exam. Five common reasons people don’t take the leap of faith to implement productivity improvements are they:

  • Are unsure how to

  • Haven’t prioritised it

  • Don’t have the time to focus on it

  • Find change difficult

  • Are cynical it will help their situation

All the reasons are crazy if the person isn’t moving forward and is instead struggling to keep their head above water or worse still are falling behind.

Last week I got to see both ends of the spectrum. The first person I spoke to was benefiting from implementing productivity techniques: “The skills and methods for time management and prioritising are priceless. I am more productive at work and less stressed.” Essentially the person was in control. 

Whereas the second person didn’t think they needed help 6 months ago. I recall their confidence “I know what needs to be done.” Unfortunately, the person today is still drowning in inefficiency that sees itself manifest in missed deadlines, high stress and general underperformance. The person is out of control and suffering from not implementing.

The difference between productive and unproductive people is less about capability and more about focused action. Understand what’s stopping you because anyone can be more productive if they Just Do It!!!