A 12-year study found CEO’s need to make meetings shorter and more effective

“When leaders know how to lead great meetings, there's less time wasted and less frustration. We have more energy to do the work that matters, realize our full potential, and do great things” - Justin Rosenstein

An organisations culture is heavily influenced by those in leadership roles. How CEO’s run meetings permeate throughout the layers of the organisation. A 12-year study revealed that meetings are an even bigger issue than the business community realises. In short, CEO’s need to make meetings shorter and more effective.

The schedules of 27 CEOs were recorded and analysed over the 12-year study. Amongst the findings were CEO’s attend an average of 37 meetings each week that consume roughly 72% of their work time. That might be ok if all these meetings were effective, but we know that meetings are the bane of life for the modern worker. There are too many and Inc.com report that 67% of meetings are considered to be failures.

This meeting madness needs to stop. Sure, teams need to collaborate and communicate but there needs to be a way to do so efficiently. Effective leaders drive outcomes by embedding a culture of high performing teams. Conversely, ineffective leaders waste time and resources. Teams need a meeting rhythm and protocols that are aligned to leverage the team’s potential and uniqueness.

Recently I’ve been banging on about techniques to drive more value and results from meetings. (See Elon Musk’s 3 rules on meetings, Do this after every meeting, How to make status meetings more effective and Meeting actions – do you negotiate or blindly accept?) The reason for writing multiple articles about this topic is because it’s done poorly, it’s costly and it unnecessarily wastes resources. It doesn’t have to be this way as the opportunity to drive better outcomes and unlock capacity is significant.

While leadership starts at the top, anyone can make a difference by holding and demanding better meetings. Are you up for the challenge?

Alternatively, please contact me if you would like help to supercharge your meetings and embed a culture that unlocks potential and drives results.