Does the way you work enable your best work?

“When I perform, I'm just very much just being myself” – India Arie

We have our likes, dislikes, preferences, even obsessions. Well, I’m obsessed with helping people work effectively. My passion comes from experiencing what was essentially a breakdown in 2006 caused by working relentless long hours but ineffectively. My whole world changed when I learnt that by working smarter I could be more effective in less time. I’m in a position where every week I meet workers who limit their success and job satisfaction due to the way they work. Does the way you work enable you to consistently produce your best work?

When we’re not performing at our best it just doesn’t feel right. It’s disjointed, fragmented and is somewhat like fingers being dragged down a chalkboard. It’s excruciating!!! Conversely, when we’re at our best it’s enjoyable, we’re focused and we’re in sync with what feels natural.

 The warning signs things aren’t right with how we work are when:

  • Targets aren’t being achieved
  • Deadlines are missed
  • Workflow is inconsistent or cumbersome
  • Everything’s a priority
  • Maintaining a reasonable work/life balance is a challenge

To those affected, it can seem as if there’s no way out. When this happens to an employee, organisations are faced with the decision to either support or replace the person. If it happens to 1 person then it’s often treated as an anomaly. However, if it’s happening to multiple employees then it’s the environment and culture that needs to be addressed. If left unchecked there’s potential symptoms develop into stress, anxiety or depression.

Either way, support is necessary. For the remedy, I liken it to someone who’s really unfit wanting to get fit. While some people can do so by themselves, most are more successful when they’re supported by a Personal Trainer. Ineffective workers are 10 times more likely to achieve the best sustainable results when they’re supported, guided and held accountable by a coach or mentor.

The biggest differences with effective workers are they have greater clarity and job satisfaction from a sense of accomplishment because they know how to achieve outcomes in less time.

Changing how someone works doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, the simple changes often have the greatest impact. The transition needs to be guided while handled respectfully and diligently.

If you’re not reaching your potential then understand another world is out there once you learn how to work effectively.  Does the way you work enable you to do your best work?