Do you plan and schedule for success or failure?

“Plan your work and work your plan” - Napoleon Hill

I knew planning and scheduling were issues faced by many workers, but never in my wildest dreams did I realise it was to this magnitude. After recently writing Your schedule doesn’t replace the need to plan so many people have bravely contacted me to share their challenges. Do you plan and schedule for success or failure?

The biggest issue people tell me they have in doing this well relates to workload ie. they’re caught up being busy but not effective. What happens in a busy environment is planning is overlooked (I don’t have time to do it) which causes an increase in reacting to demands that might be urgent but not important.

Poor planning and scheduling see leaders who were once highly effective become ineffective and disillusioned with their job (they know they need to do better but don’t understand how to break the cycle). It doesn’t have to be this way though. When this happens there is a way out through coaching and embedding a culture of business fundamentals to get back on track.

Effective leaders have a simple planning process each week that provides a more strategic view and the opportunity to reconcile:

  • What are the most important activities I need to do to be successful in my role?
  • How am I tracking against my KPI’s and key result areas?
  • What strategic initiatives need to be actioned?
  • How many hours do I have available (capacity minus existing commitments in the schedule) and how can I make the greatest impact with this time?

If you’re unable to answer the above 4 questions then you’re not planning and scheduling for success.

Planning and scheduling effectively ensure there’s always alignment between the targeted aspects of the role and where effort is expended. Let me know if I can help you and your team achieve outcomes in less time by planning and scheduling for success.