Are you resisting the opportunity to work smarter?

“What got you here won’t get you there” — Marshall Goldsmith

How we work is engrained. We default to what seems natural each day but especially so during busy periods or when pressure is at its highest. It sounds good in theory but it's not for the workers who have ineffective work methods. Are you resisting the opportunity to work smarter?

The tell-tale signs of workers who aren’t coping are:

  • Targets aren’t achieved on a consistent basis
  • Deadlines are often missed
  • They struggle to keep up with their workload
  • There are high levels of stress
  • They feel unfulfilled in their job

Workers in these instances need help because they’re basically stuck. They either only know what they know or only do what they do. There’s a correlation though between improvement and being open to new ways. Let’s face it, people can resist change in all walks of life. However, progress waits for no-one and the way we work is changing (See: Get ready now for the future of work). Workers, therefore, need to seize the opportunity before it's too late.

For some workers, they need to start at the basics by having an effective workflow, a schedule that drives results and then basically do what they said they were going to do. This might sound rudimentary but anyone who works in an office environment needs to be able to do this and do this exceptionally well.

To determine if you could be working smarter rate yourself out of 10 on the 5 criteria I mentioned earlier as the tell-tale signs of workers who aren’t coping. Also, ask 1 or 2 colleagues to rate you as well.  If you score an average of 7 or less then you need you’re below average. While you might be able to do this yourself by researching ways to improve, the fastest way to get rapid improvement is to engage a coach or a mentor.

I respect you might feel too busy to consider doing anything, but that’s just playing victim to using busy as an excuse. If you do nothing then not only are you resisting the opportunity to work smarter, you’re risking being left behind by more effective workers.

Remember, what got you here won’t get you there. Maybe it’s time to evolve…