Perfect Workdays Rarely Happen by Accident

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” - John Ruskin

What’s your definition when determining a perfect workday? Is it an easy day, an enjoyable day or something else? I think of perfect workdays occurring when my plan to make an impact is executed like clockwork. When I feel like I’m in control while I’m achieving or making progress on targeted outcomes. It’s rare that perfect workdays happen by accident.

Think about how work and then consider how many perfect workdays you have in a week, a month or even a year? Now be honest - for many, the number represents as little as 10% of the total work days!!!

Do you notice anything that’s different when you achieve a perfect workday? If there is, what do you have to do so that you can attain more of them?

Realising perfect workdays for white-collar workers comes down to how well we:

  • Plan – having a realistic plan that’s focused on the outcomes that need to be achieved for the day while considering all the proactive and reactive tasks that need to be done

  • Prioritise - not on urgency but on the tasks and activities that will provide the biggest impact

  • Execute - be single-minded in your determination to action the plan

A key difference between workers who consistently achieve perfect workdays is they have high levels of productivity. Effective workers and high performers differentiate themselves by achieving results through getting more done of the work that matters most.

Perfect workdays rarely happen by accident. They occur because of productivity. Get the most out of your working rhythm to ensure you maximise the number of productive and perfect workdays.