The simple decision to making progress everyday

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” - Alan Lakein

How’s the New Year kicked off? Are you making progress or are you falling behind already? Why is it that 10 workers can have the same intent but only 6 of them achieve what they set out to do? There’s a multitude of reasons but the answer frequently comes down to a simple decision of scheduling when to take action. It may seem too simple to be true, but the positive impact from working from a carefully thought out calendar is profound.

How we work determines how effectively we work. Did you know a study in the UK found the average adult forgets 3 key facts, chores or events each day? However, being forgetful is only part of the problem. Having a long To Do list without a schedule can become overwhelming because when we have to remember too much we:

  • Feel tired
  • Wake up throughout the night remembering what needs to be actioned
  • Make life harder for ourselves than we need to
  • Lack clarity

I often see workers are good at scheduling meetings in their calendar but not so good at scheduling when they’ll action their high impact important work. They never get a true visual representation of their workload and in a sense they're prioritising other peoples work over their own and. This results in desired outcomes, timelines and goals not being achieved.

There are issues with having an unrealistic schedule because that causes overpromising and underdelivering. See Why your schedule fails and what to do about it

Start with the decision to schedule when to take action and you’ll notice there’ll be more focus and progress achieved on what’s important to your role and less effort wasted on low priority tasks.