Why personal productivity defines our brand

“Great acts are made up of small deeds” – Lao Tzu

Recently I caught up with an ex-colleague who lives by the adage of making every effort to do what he said he’ll do. It’s not surprising he’s a highly successful senior manager in his chosen field. It got me thinking how much I prefer to be around achievers more so than the people who overpromise and underdeliver.

How annoying is it having to deal with people who make commitments but don’t deliver? You know the people who say they will but don’t do certain actions by a specific date ie. it’ll be ready, you’ll have it, it will be finalised etc. It’s not only frustrating being let down by others but it also creates additional work for us because we then have to chase them for what they committed to do in the first place. The more people we engage with who let us down the more frustrated we get and the least likely we’re able to achieve our targeted outcomes. Our jobs and our lives are busy enough as it is without having to tolerate this level of inefficiency as well.

It’s much easier engaging with people who deliver quality work within agreed timeframes. This is why personal productivity defines our brand. Do you want to be surrounded by or known as someone who is:

  • A doer who gets the job done?
  • Unreliable who overpromises and underdelivers?
  • Inconsistent and cannot be trusted?
  • Totally incompetent?

The choice is easy, yet too many remain stranded in mediocrity. They don’t do it intentionally, they just have poor systems to plan, prioritise and manage and essentially get through their workload effectively. To become a high-performing organisation everyone needs to become an expert at personal productivity.

Where people miss the mark is they try a 1 size fits all approach to personal productivity. However, we are all different so 1 size doesn’t fit all, real personal productivity is about customising it to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. To how the person works best. A way to embed better techniques and achieve rapid improvements is to get support and guidance from a coach or a mentor.

How successful we are with personal productivity defines our brand. Determine whether that’s positive or otherwise.