What the top CEO expects from employees

Ever experienced working with the full spectrum of bosses – a great boss at some point and a terrible boss at another time? I know I have and the difference is night and day. What if you had the opportunity to work for the best CEO? On face value you’d be crazy not to consider it. However, let’s flip it and ask whether you have what it takes to measure up as an employee?

With a whopping 99% approval rating, Clorox CEO Benno Dorer is #1 on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs for 2017. Employees cited Dorer’s “focus on professional development, transparency, and his vision for the company as some of the top reasons he excels as a CEO.” Dorer’s leadership style empowers employees to have a flexible approach to work "it's not about working long hours," instead "it's being smart about your work day." The 1 non-negotiable from Dorer though is: "what I care about is results, versus how many hours you put in."

You mean as an employee I have to deliver results? For those who do so consistently there’s synergy, but if you don’t is the opportunity as appealing now to work for the best CEO? Maybe not. The results mantra doesn’t really sound different from most CEO’s does it?

To get results consistently there’s a correlation to working smarter and productivity. Two important aspects to be masterful at are:

Cadence – have a cadence to how you work best that enables you to get your work done fast (the cadence isn’t to how someone else works, it’s your best version of you)

Content – focus efforts on the work that matters most to achieve results (what are the things you need action to be successful)

If you’re able to master these then you’ll be capable to such an extent you’re an attractive candidate to any employer. However, you’ll also be so valuable to your existing employer that maybe there’s no need to consider working elsewhere. Even the best CEO wants employees who get results. Maximise productivity to help you do great work!!!