Too busy to become more productive?

Being successful and being productive aren’t the same thing. While they regularly exist together, the fact is many people are successful but not productive. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? However, inefficiency is often hidden by working long hours, the level of expertise in a chosen field, limited competition or high margins.

“I’m too busy to consider productivity.” I wish I got $1 every time I heard that statement!!! I never believe it to be true. What's really going on under the surface though can be:

  • Ego – not admitting help is needed
  • Fear of failure – am I part of the problem?
  • Scepticism – what if it doesn’t work?
  • Concern it will take too long – there are flexible approaches to implementation ranging from short to more comprehensive
  • A belief it can be fixed by self-analysis – searching time management returns 114,000,000 hits

With self-diagnosis, it’s like using Google instead of visiting a doctor. Australian Medical Association federal vice-president Dr Tony Bartone said: “You can use tools like this to improve your questions but, at the end of the day, if you’ve got a condition which is not improving and is causing you distress, you should always follow up with your doctor, especially one you’ve already got a relationship with as he or she will be able to get to the core of the issue quicker.”

By embedding techniques into a rhythm of day to day habits, productivity increases our ability to perform at our best. It’s aspirational, it’s not 1 size fits all as modern productivity is customised for the individual. Results are achieved faster when we get expert advice because impactful success is never had on our own. We need assistance to be:

  • Shown or taught – the best way for the person’s situation
  • Supported – while forming new habits
  • Accountable – consistent improvement happens when there are no excuses

Benefits can vary by individual but ripple through to every aspect of life. That’s the profound impact of less stress and being more effective. There’s no such thing as being too busy to become more productive. It’s just another excuse some use to trick themselves into believing about how they work.