Don't let complacency be your comfortable

Those who are complacent quickly become yesterday's news.

Last week an ex-colleague posted on social media the top 10 values during the early 2000’s from software vendor SSA Global. The value that struck me the most back then and still is #5:

Don’t steer by looking at the wake - If you always do what you did, you won't even get what you always got

A corporate example of complacency is Nokia whose market share of mobile phones was 50.9% in Q4 2007 but dramatically reduced to 2.9% by Q4 2012. Put simply Nokia missed the start of the smartphone revolution.

The future of work is rapidly evolving where artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots will replace many jobs currently performed by humans. I think this is particularly a time where we shouldn’t be complacent at work. Sure, jobs will be replaced over time but putting our “proverbial head in the sand” and doing nothing is the fastest way to failure.

Now’s the time to be inquisitive, to exploit better ways to do your job. This is where productivity is integral because improvement never ends, it continues to evolve as requirements change or the parts you use are more relevant.

If you’re not convinced, then look at high achievers. Sure they’re clever, but what they do is execute better than everyone else.

In 2016 we learnt that everyone has a chance to win. The Western Bulldogs won the AFL Premiership despite 62 years without success, Cronulla Sharks won their first NRL title in 49 years, the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA title was the first major title in Cleveland in 52 years and Donald Trump won US presidential election despite clearly lagging in opinion polls.

Whether you’re at the top or the bottom don’t let complacency be your comfortable.