What rhythms will help you be successful this financial year?

July 1 for many workers and businesses in Australia signalled the start of the New Financial Year. So regardless of how successful or unsuccessful you were last year, everyone started back at zero in relation to achievement of their targets.

Chances are though goals have either at best remained stretch or worst still they may have increased. Additionally, the business planning process leading up to FY17 has probably identified new strategies, focus areas, measurements etc.

Undoubtedly to launch FY17 successfully will require focus, effort and getting into a groove where activities happen unconsciously. The reality for most of us though is we’re quite inconsistent with our efforts. It’s not that we don’t try, give up easily or are lazy, we’re just not all that good at establishing and sticking to rhythms and routines.

At a personal level what improvements or changes do you need to make? What's the rhythm you need to build at work into your day to day habits for you to be successful?  

  • More time devoted to engaging with and influencing key customers or stakeholders?
  • Reduce busyness to increase quality and impact delivered on the work that matters?
  • Collaborate and innovate with the right people to solve problems?

I think a failing many businesses have is they focus too much on process instead of how the work is planned, prioritised and executed within the process. Don’t get me wrong processes are necessary, but the real game is unlocking the value each employee has to offer. And this is what separates the great from the good.

The New Financial Year provides new challenges and opportunities – what rhythms will you establish to be successful?