Fly like an eagle

Sometimes we can reach our goals because what we’re doing seems to happen quite easily. However, in order to reach our potential, it’s likely we will be challenged to the extent we might even think success is so far away it’s not possible.  

To illustrate this view the National Centre for Education Statistics reported how thousands of students in the USA are accepted into colleges but only 55% leave with diplomas. Within the industrial nations America ranks 9th in college enrolments, but last in completion rates. This has experts questioning whether (what can be referred to as soft skills) like “grit, independence and perseverance” might have as much to do with completing college as IQ scores and academic prowess.

However, just because something doesn’t come easily doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. A great example is Michael Jordan (arguably the greatest basketball player ever) who didn’t make his High School Varsity basketball team. Looking back on his career Jordan said "I think that not making the Varsity team drove me to really work at my game, and also taught me that if you set goals, and work hard to achieve them—the hard work can pay off."

While I can be amazed by someone’s raw talent, equally I think perseverance, dedication and tenacity are traits I really admire. You might even know of a friend or family member who decide they will do something about losing weight. Usually they’ll have a goal weight they want to achieve but it won’t happen unless there’s a daily rhythm in place of exercise with good choices of what to eat and drink. And aren’t we happy for them when they reach their goal?

To take this a step further I believe extraordinary outcomes are possible when we combine a daily rhythm of activities with perseverance. Therefore:

·       Embrace stretch goals and deadlines

·       Have a mentor or someone to guide you

·       Find your rhythm so that what may have seemed difficult forms part of what you do and over time becomes easier to do it

Is there anything you could be doing differently to help you to “fly like an eagle” to reach your goals?